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April 2010

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Vol. 2009-2010 No. 8

Retirees to feast, rock ‘n’ roll in May

The Retirees Association will close the academic year with its traditional pitch-in dinner, featuring scrumptious cuisine from members’ kitchens. Bring a tasty treat — a salad, a vegetable or pasta casserole, or a dessert — and gather at the Peterson Room of the Showalter House at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 12. The association will provide meat, wine, and table service.

After the meal, Glenn Gass, IU Jacobs School of Music professor, will regale us with songs and stories about rock ’n’ roll. Glenn earned his master’s and doctorate at IU and is the recipient of a host of teaching awards and grants. In February he was named Best Professor in the Indiana Daily Student’s Best of Bloomington issue. He is the author of A History of Rock Music: The Rock & Roll Era. He and his wife, Julie, are the parents of two sons, ages 12 and 15.

Why not invite a friend or two to join you and see what the association is all about?

Energetic Crean enthralls retirees

Tom Crean spoke frankly about the IU men’s basketball program — past, present, and future — and answered a wide range of questions when he talked with 85 members of IU Retirees Association on April 14, the first day for regular signing a National Letter of Intent in basketball.

With signing on his mind, Tom said that he wouldn’t tolerate players who have zero respect for the IU uniform and the IU tradition. He became coach April 2, 2008. “Two years ago today,” he said, “we didn’t have a player signed.” Players had a combined 19 F’s, he recalled, and were routinely flunking drug tests. That has changed, with ten players having a 3.0 or better last semester and no student flunking a drug test in the last two years. “No one has given up on this program,” he said, “and no one is going to put more pressure on me than I put on myself.”

Tom places great emphasis on students attending class. “If you miss one class, you’re running at 6:30 a.m.,” he explained. “If you miss a second class, you’re running at 5:30 a.m. If you miss three times, the whole team is running with you.” During this past year only one player reached the second level of discipline — and that happened only a single time.

“High school players may not remember IU’s tradition,” he said,” but their parents do, their coaches do.” He described the new basketball development facility, which will be dedicated at 3 p.m. April 25, as “phenomenal, the largest in the country.” His goal is to get potential recruits on campus. “There’s no one who won’t be blown away by the Hall of Fame in there,” he said. Practices will still take place in Assembly Hall, he said, but the new facility will make it possible for the team to practice when Assembly Hall is not available.

Tom acknowledged that “Purdue and Butler have done a really good job of grabbing the identity IU had, and we’re just starting to get caught up.” Acknowledging the advantages of hindsight, he said, “If I had it to do over again, we’d have gone to the zone earlier. Our best players were not our best defenders.”

In answer to a question, he said he would not rule out recruiting someone because that player plans to enter the NBA draft. He cited Eric Gordon as
an example of someone he would happily recruit. But, he pointed out, “More players think they are leaving early than think they will stay for four years.” Many players who believe they will leave after a year or two find they are not the hot draft picks they considered themselves to be.

The team is in the 11th day of workouts. He says Maurice Creek’s knee is coming along well and Mo will get out on the court around the fourth week in June, during the offseason program.

Parrying a question about a 96-team NCAA tournament, Tom asked, “Do you think they care what you think or I think? It wouldn’t have been floated if it weren’t going to happen.” When asked about Big Ten expansion, he said “There’s no question there will be an expansion. I would think the Big Ten Network will have a huge voice in deciding who joins. The Big Ten is a corporation. They don’t ask what coaches think.”

In introducing Tom, Don Weaver promised that “his winning percentage at IU will be going up.” Don also pointed out that all 35 seniors who have played for Tom have earned college degrees.

Notes from the annual meeting

On April 14, before the arrival of Tom Crean, President Sandy Churchill conducted the annual meeting of the Retirees Association. She announced that IU is revising its policy on cutting off quickly the e-mail accounts of deceased retirees. The university is almost ready to announce that spouses and partners of deceased retirees will be eligible for their own e-mail accounts. The Retirees Association has been actively working for revising the old policy.

In the absence of Treasurer Doris Burton, Sandy announced that we have $3,700 in the bank, but that $2,000 of that are earmarked for costs of the newsletter. She thanked providers of the cookies: Lou Moir, Pat Smith (the Pat Smith married to Byron), and Nancy White. Program chair Eileen Schellhammer reminded members of the May 12 potluck and program.

Vice President/President-Elect Jim Kennedy gave the report of the nominating committee, which also included Sam Bell and Suzie Owen. Retirees elected Ruth Chesmore, Wayne Craig, and Iris Kiesling to three-year terms on the IURA board.

Sandy presented pink tulips to Secretary/Editor Judy Schroeder to thank her for her three years as editor of Newswatch. Database Manager Gerald Marker announced that he has extra copies of the Retirees Association directory. If you need a copy, please e-mail Gerald at

Bev Liebenow announced with sadness the April 13 death of Casey Ryan, son of IURA members John and Pat Ryan.

President thanks board members

In this final issue of the academic year, IURA President Sandy Churchill summarizes the year’s accomplishments.

As you saw in last month’s Newswatch, there are many individuals helping to make your IU Retirees Association what it is today. Over the last year, our membership has grown by 16 percent. With the new membership brochure and the IURA Web site, we expect to continue this growth. Helping IU retirees stay connected to IU and to their friends and colleagues is our goal. We want to achieve this by being visible and reaching out in a number of ways.

The IURA was created more than 30 years ago. Over this time we have gone through many changes, including our name; we have expanded our membership to include all IU retirees and their partners and spouses; we have brought you a wide range of programs to keep you up to date about what is going on in our university, the Bloomington community, and in the larger world. Most recently we have designed a new identity logo. You can expect this progress to continue. But none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the many hours members of your board give to the association.

In this last newsletter of the academic year, I want to recognize the board and ex officio members. These individuals have gone way beyond their job titles to help the IURA communicate and grow this year.
As secretary and Newswatch editor Judy Schroeder diligently wrote and prepared monthly the newsletter copy and meeting minutes. It would be hard to estimate the number of hours Judy worked to gather information and to make our newsletter so informative. Thank you, Judy.

As chair of the Hospitality Committee, John Harrell made sure we all had name tags, and he arranged with the refreshment donors to ensure we had goodies for each of our meetings. John helped the Program Committee with the luncheon menus and arrangements. Thank you, John, and also a thank you to the many refreshment donors.

Dick Dever, Sue Talbot, Vince Mabert, and Jim Kennedy were your board members who helped wherever needed. They are the pinch hitters: contacting people, serving on sub-committees, giving advice, and, in Dick’s case, chairing the Membership Committee. Thank you, Dick, Sue, Vince, and Jim, for the many ways you helped this year.

As past president, Bob Ensman has continued his role as the keeper of our policy manuals and job descriptions for each of the committees and board positions. Throughout the year he has noted changes and is currently updating this information to help maintain board continuity. Bob also serves on the Big Ten Planning Committee. Thanks, Bob, for your continuing involvement and support.

Two new ex-officio positions were created this year. In the first, as IURA historian, Bob Dodd has worked with the University Archives to make the IU Retiree Association’s materials as complete as possible. He also updated his earlier written history of the organization. Bob has served on several committees, and his perspective is very helpful and much appreciated. The second new ex-officio position is Web site manager. Suzie Owen has volunteered to be our guru and will update our Web site as needed. Her work begins soon.

For the past three years Gerald Marker has been the database manager for the IURA. Gerald works with the IURA treasurer to keep the membership information current. He also puts together our membership directory each year. On a monthly basis Gerald arranges for the printing of the newsletter and then makes sure each is addressed properly and delivered to the post office. He also develops databases as needed and prints those nameplates you have for the IURA dinners. Gerald is really the glue that holds the technical side of our organization together! Thank you, Gerald.

This year Eileen Schellhammer chaired the Program Committee, which, under her leadership and the hard work of her committee members, brought the varied programming we enjoyed throughout the year. Eileen also worked with John Harrell to plan the luncheons and the upcoming potluck. Eileen has also been instrumental in helping to plan and make food arrangements for the Big Ten Retirees meeting that the IURA is hosting in August. Great job, Eileen.

I’ve saved Doris Burton to last on purpose. Doris has served as your treasurer for the year. She does the mundane details of making sure we are solvent and that your membership gets into the database quickly. Doris also has chaired the planning committee for the Big Ten Retirees Association conference. She has the handle on what is going on with each subcommittee and has provided tremendous leadership. Through her efforts and those of the committee members the conference planning is well on the way. Many thanks, Doris.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president and to work with these incredible board members. My heartfelt appreciation to each board member who has served the organization this year. You are the very best!
Sandy Churchill, President
IURA 2009-10

In memoriam

In this final newsletter of the academic year, we honor the memory of Retirees Association members who died during the year. Listings are limited to people who belonged to the association at the time of their deaths. We apologize for any omissions.

Albert “Guy” Hubbard died in Bloomington on May 21, 2009. He was 79. Born in Nottingham, England, he met his wife, Jennifer, while
ballroom dancing in Leicestershire. After service in the RAF, he earned his master’s and doctorate at Stanford University. Guy taught art education and later computer-based education in the School of Education for 33 years before retiring in 1994. A pioneer in innovative curriculum development, he saw the potential of computer graphics and taught some of the first classes offered in the field. In 1999 the National Art Education Association named him a Distinguished Fellow. Guy was an avid sailor and a world traveler.

Margaret E. “Meg” Lindeman died in Bloomington on Oct. 3, 2009. She was 66. After earning a bachelor’s degree in French and English at IU, where she was editor of the Arbutus yearbook, she taught school in California and Indiana. She earned a master’s degree in human resources at Loyola and worked in human resources at Westinghouse/ABB. In the 1990s Meg became director of information at the Indiana Career & Post-secondary Advancement Center at IU’s School of Education. She retired in 2000 as director of human resources for the IU School of Music. She was a board member of the Tulip Trace Council of Girl Scouts.

Thomas C. Meglemre died in Bloomington on Dec. 24, 2009. He was 87. After earning his bachelor’s in business from IU, Tom owned a jewelry store for 20 years before going to work for IU as director of communications. He retired in 1984. Tom, a member of Bloomington Rotary Club, was an active member of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Bloomington.

Reminder: TIAA/CREF has local office

A billboard near Terre Haute reads: “Tired of Dialing 1-800-just dream about talking to a real person?” Well, if you live in Bloomington and want to talk to a real person about your TIAA/CREF holdings, you can schedule an appointment at the local office, 2852 E. Buick Cadillac Blvd., by dialing 812-349-4443. Individual client services include wealth management advice, and parking is a cinch.

Art exhibit still open at Emeriti Center

There’s still time to take in the eighth annual Emeriti House Art Exhibit at the Emeriti Center, 1015 E. Atwater. The center is generally open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Parking is available one block west, in the Atwater Garage.

Two other events will take place at the Emeriti Center before semester’s end. On April 28 at 4 p.m. George Malacinski, professor emeritus of biology, will exhibit village, tribal, and nomadic rugs from the Middle East and talk about “Oriental Rugs and the Stories They Tell.” On April 30, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., you are welcome at the End-of-Semester Tasting Party.